taskforce marlen

Taskforce MARLEN (Marine Apo Reef Law Enforcement for Nature)

taskforce marlen

Taskforce Marlen is a multi-sectoral marine law enforcement team established in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines to safeguard the municipality’s coastal and marine resources, including the Apo Reef Natural Park.


“Ensure that the Sablayan marine resources are protected and preserved along with the Apo Reef Natural Park by suppressing the perpetrators of prohibited and destructive activities in nature and fisheries resources through the cooperation of Task Force MARLEN and the entire community.”


“A rich ocean of Sablayan along with Apo Reef Natural Park with abundant fisheries and pleasant global tourism due to its sustainable use for the benefit of the community and the nation as a whole”

Creation and Background:

  • Initially organized in September 2004 by the DENR, LGU of Sablayan, and WWF-Philippines
  • Officially created on July 26, 2006 through Executive Order No. 02, Series of 2006 issued by the Sablayan mayor
  • A manual of operations titled “Batayang Gabay ng Tagapagpatupad ng Batas Pampangisdaan” was produced in June 2006 to guide TF MARLEN and Bantay Dagat operations

TF MARLEN’s Operations:

  • Regular patrols with a 12-member team from DENR, LGU, Philippine Army, and PNP
  • Logistics provided by LGU (food, boats, equipment, fuel)
  • Involvement in turtle conservation, coastal cleanups, crown-of-thorns removal
  • Seaborne and surveillance patrols
  • Communication, education and public awareness campaigns
  • Case documentation, filing, court appearances
  • Biodiversity monitoring
  • 68 apprehensions of violators made as of 2013, with 47 cases filed in court

Reactivation in 2020:

  • Executive Order No. 2020-038 issued on August 24, 2020 reactivated TF MARLEN
  • Updated structure and composition includes more stakeholders (tourism, NGOs, civic groups)
  • Technical working group created to review and update the operations manual
  • Broader mandate covering municipal waters, Apo Reef Natural Park, and Philippine waters

The reactivated TF MARLEN aims to be an inclusive enforcement group uniting various sectors to conserve the coastal and marine ecosystems of Sablayan for the benefit of the community and nation.